Workshop charger for 12V and 24V lead-acid batteries
CTEK MXTS 70 50 naredi.in
Workshop charger for 12V and 24V lead-acid batteries

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Powerful Charging

The MXTS 70/50 is a powerful, state of the art workshop charger developed specifically for all 12V and 24V lead-acid batteries, including AGM and EFB Stop/Start types.

The MXTS 70/50 is a fully automatic 8 step charger that delivers selectable 50A/12V or 50A/24V to batteries from 20-1,500Ah (for 12V) and 20-1,500Ah (for 24V), with 50A of constant power supply in 12V and 24V mode. In 12V mode, up to 70A of power is automatically available for temporary high loads. Features include battery diagnosis to establish whether your battery can receive and retain a charge, a Recond mode for reconditioning deeply discharged batteries and a built-in temperature sensor for optimised charging.

  • Selectable power supply program for constant voltage output
  • Patented float/pulse maintenance charging
  • Recond function
  • Heavy-duty 6m detachable charge cables and clamps
  • LED displays for charging, charge voltage, current, charge time and energy indication
  • Fully automatic 8 step charging
  • Selectable modes for optimal battery size adaptation.
  • Patented desulphation function
  • Temperature sensor for optimised charging
  • Heavy duty aluminium housing (IP20 classified)
  • Compatible with Pro accessories.
  • Safe spark-free operation
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • Short circuit proof
  • 2-year warranty

Additional information

Ambient Temperature

-20˚C to +50˚C


2 Years


220–240VAC, 47–64Hz, 7.2A max


14.4V, 50A max

Start Voltage


Battery Types

12V:, WET, MF, Ca/Ca, AGM, EFB, GEL, 24V:, WET, MF, Ca/Ca, AGM, GEL


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