Can a 12v Battery be damaged during Charging?

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Safety First when charging 12v Batteries

Charging a 12V battery with a standard charger may lead to damage to the battery as it may boil the acid or undercharge to create sulphation. It may also cause damage to the vehicle electronics which could be an expensive exercise.

CTEK chargers are SMART chargers and provide a number of safety features to protect your 12V battery and vehicle electronics.

Incorrectly connecting a CTEK charger won’t damage your battery. All our chargers have built-in anti-spark protection and detect whether you have connected the negative cable to the battery terminal. Batteries can be left connected to the charger for months after the charger has reached the
last stage in the charging cycle and the green lamp lights, without damaging vehicle electronics or overcharging the battery.


With the following features, you can be relatively assured that you are in safe hands

  • Reverse Polarity protection
  • Spark Proof
  • Over Charging protection
  • Maintainance mode
  • IP65 rated meaning dust and water resistant