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CTEK Indicator Eyelet

We all know how frustrating it can be when you want to take out your bike for that ride, only to find out the battery is dead.

A 12v battery losses charge every day that it is on stand by. A bike not run for a month is expected to have a flat battery. Once a 12v battery voltage falls below 12v it is considered flat.

You can however, prevent this. CTEK battery indicator eyelet let’s you know the status of your battery everytime you pass by. Once installed, it’s three LED lights let you know the status of the bike battery.

Green – battery is charged

Orange – battery needs to be charged soon

Red – Battery needs to be charged now

Another important aspect of this gadget is that when you want to charge the battery, you need not reach into the battery bay. All you need to do is connect the CTEK charger to the provided charging socket on the eyelet and volla you are done.


12v car battery chargers

CTEK 12v car battery chargers trusted by the biggest names in the auto World.

From chargers for consumers to showroom or workshop chargers, CTEK have the right product for the right job. Either it is to simply charge the battery or for carrying out vehicle diagnosis, CTEK have been at the frontier for leading edge technology.

Today’s vehicles demand every from that 12v battery to keep the gadgets and safety features running. Don’t comprise. Get the best.