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Lead-acid batteries are cost-effective and reliable, making them suitable for many applications. One serious drawback compared to some other batteries (NiCad for example), is that lead-acid batteries are affected by temperature. Lead-acid batteries should only be used where they are installed in conditioned environments not subject to excessive temperatures.

Foxwell i70 pro naredi

Software Updates to i70 Pro from Foxwell

Foxwell has released the latest updates to i70 pro from Foxwell– the OBD Scanner and Diagnostic tools

ProductSoftwareVersionUpdate Details
i70/i70ProDAEWOOV1.11.001Optimize Polish translation.
i70/i70ProMASERATIV1.30.0101.Add LEVANTE(M161) vehicles menu. 2.Add function menu for CSG system. 3.Optimize QUATTROPORTE(M139) menu. 4.Optimize Auto Scan,Read Codes,Erase Codes.
i70/i70ProAUTOVINV1.10.001Optimize AUTOVIN.
i70/i70ProMITSUBISHIV1.30.0101.Modify the garbled text in multi-languages. 2.Optimize diagnostic description.
i70/i70ProSPRINTERV1.30.0161.Modify the problem of special function on Sprinter-906 2.Optimize Active Test.
i70/i70ProTCMOILV1.10.0031.Add Land Rover,Jaguar,ABARTH,ALFA,FIAT and LANCIA Vehicles. 2.Support 2018 vehicles.
i70/i70ProGREATWALLV1.11.001Modify the garbled text in multi-languages.
i70/i70ProSGMWV1.10.003Support all system including Read Codes, Erase Codes,ECU Information,Data Stream, Freeze Frame,Active Test.
i70/i70ProSUZUKIV1.20.013Modify the garbled text in multi-languages.
i70/i70ProPROTON/ PERODUAV1.10.012Modify the garbled text in multi-languages.
i70/i70ProSUBARUV1.32.001Modify the voltage error when auto scanning system.
Update Details

Your Foxwell products will continue to function with the currently installed software,  but it may not perform some function properly if you don’t apply updates to i70 Pro.


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