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Started in 2014, naredi.in began operations as master distributor for CTEK battery chargers. At that point the team consisted on 2 people and in a span of 5 years the team has almost tripled. This has been due to the strong demand in Indian market for quality products and cutting edge tools as the automotive market changes direction with the help of technology. Naredi.in deals for tools targeted at both enthusiast and professionals. The auto enthusiast market has been growing due to the drive towards DIY market and the professional segment has grown as vehicles reply more on electronics rather than mechanics. The company still operates from the humble beginnings in East of Kailash, New Delhi and caters to the Indian market through resellers, distributors and direct sales. The latest edition has been the “The 12v Pit Stop” which provides battery charging, maintenance and jump starter services to the East of Kailash and surrounding areas. In one years’ time till July 2019, we have rescued 262 vehicles through jump starting their vehicles using the latest tools.

Today naredi.in is known for exceptional customer care and products that offer robustness, precision and reliability. Our client list includes Triumph, Royal Enfield, Suzuki, Honda, Tata Motors, Volvo, Mercedes, Porsche, Rolls Royce etc. With brands like Foxwell,  Powertec, Rislone, ChargeStorm with us, we now cater to the auto market for battery management tools, jump starters, garage hand tools, diagnosis tools.

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